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Steak The Keg Steakhouse and Bar is a chain restaurant scattered throughout Canada and the US. As such I offer up a warning: As much as they would like to make us think otherwise, the food from one link in the chain to the next is NOT the same. Given that fact, any and all comments on this review are meant to reflect the Lynnwood location only. Now on to the review!

This past Sat, the 7th, Beth and I went to The Keg for an early dinner. One of the marks of this place is that it is very popular and takes no reservations. Given that, by 7pm the wait can get quite long. We arrived at 5:30 and were seated at once. Good start.

The decor is incredibly comfortable. Exposed wood beams, large brick/stone fireplaces, large tables and booths. Traffic pattern is well thought out with wide aisles. You feel at home here. Looking even better.

After we took our seats, a server came over and took our drink order. My Beefeater on the rocks, with olives arrived. Good pour, and the olives were nice and fresh. No 4th week leftovers here. Beth had a glass of the house Sauvignon Blanc, crisp and cool.  As we sipped our drinks, hot fresh bread arrived. Comfort level continued to rise.

At an appropriate time, our server returned and took our order. We both went for an Iceberg lettuce wedge with blue cheese, bacon and tomato dices. Man I love this salad. It is like summer on a plate. LOVE IT! Ahem…sorry….Ah, right… on to the entrée. Beth ordered the 7oz Filet, and I ordered the  Baseball Top Sirloin, with sautéed mushrooms to share.

Salad arrived and we dug in. With blue cheese smeared faces grinning like idiots, we savored every bite. After we had finished and relaxed just a bit, the steaks arrived. Again, perfect timing. Beth’s Filet was good, nice crust, perfect medium rare. A fine steak. Mine was literally the size of a softball. One of the thickest cuts of sirloin I’ve seen. Crust was perfect, with just the right amount of seasoning. Inside was red, but warm. And it damn near melted in my mouth. I chewed slowly though, pulling every bit of flavor out of it. I was never so happy to have canines. Wow.  Oh, and we tried to eat the house twice baked potato. Baking it 10 more times would not have helped it. It tasted like stale sour cream and chive potato chips. Great for a Frat Keg’r, not acceptable for a restaurant of The Keg’s stature.

Dessert was a small chocolate sampler. I no longer enjoy full desserts, but I allow myself a taste. It passed the taste test, but I would have rather passed period. Off night for the pastry chef? More than likely.

4 stars out of 5 for this one. Great service. Outstanding steaks. Great value. Passing grade on the dessert, but really, who needs a dessert after a steak like the Baseball Top Sirloin?



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