Kafe’ Neo – Mill Creek, WA

The Kafe’ Neo Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant sits along the main drag in the very popular Mill Creek Town Center. In addition to a fairly large dining area, there is a separate bar area as well as an outdoor patio. The interior is what one would expect of a Greek place: a lot of grape leaves, statues and urns. I’d love to visit Greece someday just to see if restaurants look the same. Upon entering, the aroma grabs you by the nostrils and gently guides you to a booth or table. Who needs hostesses when you have kitchen aromas this good.

Kelly, Lisa, Beth and I found a booth and were promptly given menus and water. Having just consumed 67 glasses of wine at the wine tasting we had gone to earlier, the first thing we ordered was of course, cocktails. Silly humans. In addition to the cocktails we ordered a baked feta and tomato mezede, or small plate appetizer. The cheese and tomatoes were baked with olive oil and oregano and drizzled with a balsamic reduction. Absolutely yummy. Creamy with the tang of tomato and sweetness of the vinegar, spectacular. Only complaint was we had to ask for more pita bread as we were only given 4 to start. Minor quibble.

After the last of the pita was devoured, we placed our dinner orders, along with a request for a bottle of Rivola Tempranillo, because well, 67 glasses of wine are just not enough. (coughs) Lisa went with the special, which was a grilled chicken breast with lemon. She pronounced it quite tasty. Kelly ordered the rack of lamb, a dish I had just consumed the night before. He seemed to enjoy it as well. I can tell you from my prior experience it was the best rack of lamb I’ve ever had. Crispy bits of a char, but with a perfect medium rare center. Perfectly seasoned and a damn fine portion as well. Served with rosemary fried potatoes and a seasonal veggie medley, it was well worth the $18 admission price. You heard right, only $18. Beth had a shrimp romesco gyro. Shrimp, piquillo peppers, almonds, lettuce, tomatoes and onions with a romesco sauce that proved to be quite good. I went with the lamb souvlaki. Tender chunks of lamb, grilled to perfection with a tzatziki sauce on the side. To be honest, I wasn’t that pleased with the tzatziki. It was runny and lacked any real garlic flavor. To be fair we were dining rather late, and it is quite possible they had to whip up a small batch on the fly. If you don’t let the cucumbers drain enough, you get the runs. Um…yeah.

All in all, I give the place 5 dolmathes out of 5. Great food at a great price. We look forward to many more wonderful meals here. Oh, and kudos to Lisa for turning us on to Kafe’ Neo in the first place. We owe ya one.

Kali oreksi and Opa!!
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