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As you all know, I have a pretty strong love affair with good food and wine of all types. One of my lesser known food loves though is Thai food, so I was pretty excited when my buddy Kelly suggested we grab a bite at a place he and Lisa love, Siam Thai Restaurant. My excitement went to amazement when I realized he was talking about a place within walking distance of our apartment. Walking distance to a great restaurant in the suburbs? Who knew?

After a short 10 minute walk we arrived at Siam Thai. Sitting in a little strip mall off of Bothell Everett Hwy, it’s a little hard to locate but, as we were soon to discover, totally worth the effort. The decor is wonderful: muted earth tones, understated photos and pictures, and crisp, elegant furnishings. The tables, as well as the limited number of booths, are spacious and inviting. There is a patio area on the side for those who wish to dine with the elements, as well as a bar area complete with a couple of TVs.

Enough with the set up, let’s move right into the food. For starters we all shared a few dishes. Fresh Rolls: incredibly fresh (yeah, I know, they are called fresh rolls for a reason) and served with a wonderful cucumber/vinegar dipping sauce. Salmon Rolls: deep fried sticks of thin wrapped salmon, spinach and cream cheese that were out of this world. Crab Wonton: tasty pockets of deep fried stuffed wanton heaven. Also on hand was a bottle of ginjo sake. If you are not aware, sake with the ginjo designation accounts for the top 7-10% of sake. It has something to do with how much of the rice is polished down prior to use. All I know for sure is that the taste is spectacular. Smooth with a hint of sweetness, it does a body good. Yummy. If you are new to sake drinking, just look for the word ‘ginjo’ on the label and you really can’t go wrong. Oh, and Mr Bond was incorrect, sake like this should be enjoyed chilled, like a good white wine.

For the main course, Kelly had Shu-Chee Catfish. Crispy fried catfish with a Panang curry sauce. The catfish was perfectly cooked, and the coconut flavor of the Panang curry was killer. Sweet, but not overly so, just a great dish. Beth and Lisa both opted for Siam curry dishes with a lovely red curry sauce, super fresh basil and crisp peppers. I decided to go with the Flying Fish or Pla Lad Prik. This is a whole pompano fish that is scored, then deep fried to crispy goodness. The skin was crisped to the texture of a kettle chip, and yet the meat was still moist and flaky. Just amazing. It was served with a house garlic-chili sauce that really brought it all together. Totally recommend this one.

Over all, another killer recommendation from Kelly and Lisa. I don’t know how they do it, but they really do find some of the best places to eat on this side of the lake. We owe them both a huge thanks, for everything.

Siam Thai Restaurant gets 5 out of 5 chili peppers. Great food, great atmosphere, great time.

Chai yo!

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