Lunch at Maltby Cafe

Right now, locals who are in the know about Maltby Cafe are all gasping in disbelief at the title of this post. I can hear all the frantic cries now, “Maltby Cafe for lunch and not breakfast? Are you insane?” Look, I know. Maltby Cafe is a breakfast place. Some would argue it is THE breakfast place in all of Puget Sound. Cinnamon rolls the size of hubcaps, omelets, Eggs Benedict; you name the breakfast food and chances are this place has won an award for it. So why the heck did we go for lunch?

Truth be told, my friend Kelly has been working his ass off to try and get us to go for breakfast one day. But getting up that early on a weekend to fight the crowds? I’m lazy man, I dig my sleep-in time. So Beth and I did the next best thing. We took my mom, who is visiting from back east, for lunch. Yeah, I know, cop out. But it did get us in the door, and gave us a chance to experience the food so… nyeah. (coughs)

So how was the weekday lunch at this renowned weekend breakfast place? Fan-freakin-tastic. That’s how good it was. I’ll start with Beth. She got a Turkey Melt. Okay, boring, right? Not when it’s hand carved roasted turkey, melted Tillamook cheddar, bacon (sliced thick enough to be a meal on its own) and fresh tomatoes, all nestled lovingly between two honkin’ sized slices of home baked Maltby light wheat bread. Awesome. It came with a side of potato salad that Beth said had just a hint too much dill in it, but was otherwise very tasty.

Next up, Mom went with the Hawaiian Chicken Burger. I wont even go into why, why out of all the local stuff did she opt for a chicken burger topped with a slab of pineapple, but there you have it. Looked fairly edible, and Mom seemed to like it, but it wouldn’t be on my list of must tries. It did come with a teriyaki sauce reduction that was reduced to almost a syrup consistency with just a hint of sweetness. The sauce would make a killer salmon glaze. Yum. For a side she had the fries, witch were hand cut lengthwise slices of potato that were fried, like “state fair style” potato chips. Yummy.

If you are a follower of some of our exploits, you will probably guess what I had. Yup, I had the fresh fruit cup. HA! No no, fear not cholesterol lovers, I went with the Chicken Fried Steak, breakfast style. A good sized portion of chicken fried steak, super tender, but the breading was just a touch too peppery for my taste. The sausage gravy was killer, and would probably make anything taste wonderful. 2 eggs, over easy that were served exactly right. Over easy. Sometimes I’m amazed at how hard, excuse the pun, that can be. Over easy means the yolks are “dunkable”, but there is no uncooked white. These were perfect. And the 2 slices of that wonderful Maltby bread performed said dunking duties perfectly, when I wasn’t smearing kick ass strawberry preserves on them that is. Potatoes were crisp and tasty. Loved it. LOVED IT!!!

It wasn’t breakfast, but if the lunch was any indication, breakfast is going to be fantastic. I only hope Kelly hasn’t given up. I give it a sweet 9 out of 10 cinnamon buns.


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